The Wisdom Project: Transjectivity on demand

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Have you ever felt helpless, like a passenger in the driver’s seat of your own reactions, knowing the right course yet unable to steer away from the impending doom of your habitual responses? These blind spots, areas where our impulsive responses betray our deeper intentions, challenge even the most self-aware among us. Historically, the quest to master these impulses has been pursued by philosophers and spiritual leaders, offering deep wisdom that often seemed out of reach for those without the privilege of extensive study or reflection. Dr. Iris Stammberger’s Wisdom Project seeks to bridge these gaps, offering every individual the tools to reclaim control over their reactions and reshape their lives. In a recent conversation, we explored the essence of the Wisdom Project and how it democratises wisdom.

A friend of mine once told me that sometimes they suffer from the consequences of a blind spot that they know too well about but don’t know how to go around. They described it as knowing that their response to a given scenario, such as shouting back at a child who is having a tantrum, is not ideal, and they would wish to not do that; however, they don’t know how to stop themselves. In the heat of the moment, they always do what they have always done because it’s the only thing they know how to do under those circumstances. They lack the ability to frame and re-frame. This ability to frame and re-frame has also been described as “transjectivity” by Prof. John Vervaeke in his work on the Meaning Crisis. To cultivate this ability, one must learn how to distance oneself from what is happening in the situation so one can see the bigger picture—an essential skill for anyone looking to navigate life’s complexities with grace.

They need to be able to breakdown the complexity and see the components of what is happening and then zoom in on the specific component that they can influence so as to influence what’s happening to change direction. In essence, my friend in the tantrum situation would need to develop the ability to step back and recognise that this has happened before and that he is about to shout at a child and then ask himself if that’s the kind thing to do and then make a decision on whether to shout or not. This is an extremely difficult feat to achieve under such stress and anxiety.

Transjectivity requires the cultivation of presence, courage, compassion, and kindness—qualities that allow us to engage fully with the here-now-ness of our experiences. Being present helps us recognize the patterns unfolding before us. Courage allows us to confront these realities without retreat. Compassion invites us to accept our imperfections and the difficulties of transformation. Kindness reminds us that we share these struggles with others, fostering a sense of shared humanity. Once one is able to do these four things, they are on their way to unlocking their ability to Transject on demand.

This capacity for transjectivity offers personal re-alignment and a pathway to alter our engagement with life’s challenges fundamentally. It enables us to step back, assess situations more comprehensively, and choose responses that align more closely with our values. Instead of being overwhelmed by a child’s tantrum, one can recognize it as a temporary state, choosing to address it with calmness rather than exacerbating the situation. This shift does not trivialize the problem but reduces its emotional charge, transforming it from a crippling crisis to a manageable annoyance.

As we scale this new capability to other areas of our lives, our creative potential begins to unlock, and we start to flourish into the individuals we aspire to be—our wiser selves. This growth is not confined to personal development but extends into our interpersonal relationships and even into our societal interactions, illustrating the profound impact of cultivating inner wisdom. It’s at this point that we can now make the changes that we know we want but didn’t know how to make before. We can now enjoy the privilege of living the life that we want in the way we want.

The Wisdom Project isn’t just a toolkit for personal betterment—it’s a gateway to a more reflective and intentional existence. By equipping individuals with the ability to transject on demand, Dr Stammberger’s program promises a transformation that permeates beyond personal growth to touch every aspect of participants’ lives. Through the project, participants not only tackle their immediate challenges but also embark on a broader journey of self-discovery and societal contribution. To start your own transformative journey and explore the full range of resources available, visit Dr. Stammberger’s website ( Here, wisdom isn’t just learned; it’s lived, allowing you to step into a life marked by deeper understanding and meaningful change.


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