The Wisdom Project: Transjectivity on demand

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Have you ever felt helpless, like a passenger in the driver’s seat of your own reactions, knowing the right course yet unable to steer away from the impending doom of your habitual responses? These blind spots, areas where our impulsive responses betray our deeper intentions, challenge even the most self-aware among us. Historically, the quest to master these impulses has been pursued by philosophers and spiritual leaders, offering deep wisdom that often seemed out of reach for those without the privilege of extensive study or reflection. Dr. Iris Stammberger’s Wisdom Project seeks to bridge these gaps, offering every individual the tools to reclaim control over their reactions and reshape their lives. In a recent conversation, we explored the essence of the Wisdom Project and how it democratises wisdom.

Embracing difference through reshaping our wisdom

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In a recent Lived Quality Conversation, Dr. Faith Elizabeth Nanyonga shared an example of communication with her one-year-old daughter, who engages in meaningful interactions with her mother despite her inability to speak. This kind of communication shows the depth of language and how it extends beyond speech and text to encompass the broader context. There’s a non-verbal understanding that flows between beings, and when tapped into, the deeper intended meaning can be revealed. It’s as if through “holding a space” for her daughter, it allowed Faith to see and hear the meaning in her daughter’s communication, and that allowed her to see the wisdom of her daughter and learn the character of that person even before they had developed all the other abilities that would enable them to present themselves in a more clear way. Holding space for those we are communicating with allows us to perceive and appreciate the wisdom they convey in their unique modes of expression.