Navigating life’s work

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Work means many things to different people. I like to define it as my practice of cultivating excellence, and as I speak to more and more people about the subject, my understanding deepens. In a recent conversation with my friend Paula, we came to a place where work seemed to be how your passion is revealed to you. However, you must do a lot of work before you can earn that privilege.

Self-giving through holding space

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When you have identified your legacy-oriented work and have been working on it for some time, you get to a point where you start to feel saturated. This situation can quickly evolve into complacency, where you believe you have learned everything there is to learn and no more. However, there are ways to break out of this, and one of them starts with giving those gifts you have cultivated. In so doing, you test the quality of these gifts that you hold, and you will discover those that are just “empty shells”. You will also start to create room as you empty out those gifts. The Bible talks a bit bout this in Luke 6:38. It seems that before you can receive, you have to give.

Legacy Oriented Work

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When work evolves into something more than a task or a job and starts to transform one’s way of life, it becomes oriented towards building a legacy. This legacy is the trail charted out through the continuous exploration and extension of limits and strengths. It’s an effortful struggle through which we repeatedly surpass the version of the person we currently are and unlock the next version. In a recent conversation with my good friend Oana, we explored this subject and here are some key takeaways that stayed with me.

The village of “me’s”: Reclaiming agency authentically

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These preferences are “me’s” that represent my defaults. They are like core “me’s”. They have been baked in by pivotal moments in my development right from the time I started my training on how to “fit in” this realm of existence – in a “survival of the fittest” kind of way. They are the pillars of my perspective and influence most of my actions. Some of them have been shaped by my biological constraints, such as being a male human. Others have been shaped by my intellectual ability, others by what’s been taught to me by my guardians and community members, others by the environment I find myself, etc. These preferences, in some way, are my current limits. They are the boundaries I have to cross when I take risks. They are the betrayals I have to make when I give up pursuits. They are the courage that enables me to get through some complex challenges. They are my faith when I’m deeply committed to an idea. In many ways, they are my internal guiding principles. They are my compass. When I’m in a place where I feel free to embody them, I feel joy and peace within my self. I feel virtuous. I feel like I can do anything. And when I’m doing something aligned with these preferences, I feel like I can do it forever; I lose track of time, and every little thing happening is meaningful to me. The inner critical “me” is finally quiet and on board. I get into flow. It’s like my desires and my actions are in complete alignment.

The Village of “me’s”: When the counterfeit “me’s” take control

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In the struggle to “fit in”, I find that presenting myself in a way that is acceptable allows me to experience acceptance. Even if I am fully aware that I’m being pretentious, I’m also aware of how to not stand out in a way that will get me kicked out of the scenario. The need for the sense of connectedness that comes with being a group member makes me compromise my authenticity, and sometimes I sacrifice it to maintain my spot.

The village of “me’s”: How to tend to the self and cultivate authenticity

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The “Master Me” that I’m calling “I” reads the context and chooses a “me” to wear for that context. Think of a wardrobe, and you are selecting an outfit for an occasion or an event. It’s kind of like that. I look at the car, immediately check for the car keys, decide where to put the phone and determine if I have everything I need before I begin. I do the same for other familiar tasks too. I browse the “me” collection and pick the appropriate “me” for the context. At least, this is how it happens when the context is familiar, and I know which “me” to show up as.

Caring well

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Caring requires you to fore-give of yourself. What I mean by that is that you have to love unconditionally when you care. You also have to do what you believe is the most just thing to do in the situation when caring. It has to be truthful, honest and kind all at once. You have to sacrifice yourself (I don’t mean your things only) and put the other you care for before you, hence the “fore” giving. And then do (for them) what must be done without any expectations or judgements. I have noticed people who aspire to be good parents do this for their children.