Finding Harmony Through Introspection and Authenticity

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Every now and then, we find ourselves face-to-face with versions of ourselves that we do not like. There’s some sense of inadequacy that is not clearly articulated to us when it manifests. In a conversation I had with Oana, we explored how we find ourselves in such a scenario and some of the strategies that have helped us work through them and get to a more harmonised state.

Awakening the Artist Within for a Fuller Life

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Have you ever felt trapped in your own life, unable to live on your own terms, yet having to follow guidelines prescribed to you? As we mature, we reach a place where we recognise that we have a particular nature of expression unique to ourselves. It’s like a resonance with the spirit of who we are, emerging from a sense of failure to fit anywhere. No matter what experiences we accumulate or skills we learn, we inevitably find that we have our own way of doing things—our signature style that marks everything we touch.

The Wisdom Project: Transjectivity on demand

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Have you ever felt helpless, like a passenger in the driver’s seat of your own reactions, knowing the right course yet unable to steer away from the impending doom of your habitual responses? These blind spots, areas where our impulsive responses betray our deeper intentions, challenge even the most self-aware among us. Historically, the quest to master these impulses has been pursued by philosophers and spiritual leaders, offering deep wisdom that often seemed out of reach for those without the privilege of extensive study or reflection. Dr. Iris Stammberger’s Wisdom Project seeks to bridge these gaps, offering every individual the tools to reclaim control over their reactions and reshape their lives. In a recent conversation, we explored the essence of the Wisdom Project and how it democratises wisdom.

Escaping the loop of indifference

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The journey starts with a deep dive into our interiorities, exploring how our inner selves respond to the external environment. Sometimes we get caught up in the social moral codes and norms dictated by society that we have to live by and forget to process the emotional signals from within. These signals, however, are not mere noise; they contain crucial data that, when processed, guide us towards rebalancing our lives. They offer cues that we have to process into actionable information. Processing these signals can reveal to us what to pursue and what not to pursue.

Mastering the Human Touch in an Age of AI

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The journey starts with identifying those unique gifts through noticing and taking seriously one’s preferences for excellence. Many a time, we undermine our individual preferences with respect to fitting in and social belonging. However, this comes at the cost of suppressing our innate desires, which sometimes can be the spark of the gifts within us that are there to express our excellence. When we respond to that spark and take it seriously, it often comes with a clear vision of a potential reality that could manifest.

Cultivating Excellence in Everyday Life Through Mastery

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In life, we all have a taste for excellence and mastery. It’s as though the most true things are embodied through practicing excellence and mastery. However, the journey to the place where one has elegantly embodied excellence and mastery is challenging. In a recent conversation I had with Stephen Musoke Senkomago (a.k.a SMS), we explored this theme and learned a few things.

The Transformative Power of Mentorship in Achieving Excellence

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When cultivating excellence and refining our crafts, a good example always comes in in handy. It serves as an ideal we can aim for so that we can side-step mediocrity as we navigate the journey of our careers. In a recent conversation with Bashir, we explored his mentorship work and the value of setting a good example in a given domain of work.

Struggle as a Gateway to Purpose

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It all starts out with an “allowance” of our selves. We have to allow our selves to be. What this means is that we have to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses because they define the limits we have to surpass and the tools we can use to do so. In a sense, this can be our current brand, who we currently are. It’s important to know this because then the difference between who we currently are and who we intend to become starts to show. For example, currently, I’m a person who loves writing down my thoughts in blog posts, and I’m working towards becoming the person who talks through these thoughts with others in dialogue to unpack them and learn from others. There’s a clear difference between who I am and who I want to become.

The Impact of Cultures and Traditions on Our Sense of Belonging

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Culture and tradition have never been more crucial in this modern world that has become a global village. These traditions give us a sense of origin and ancestry, providing a skeleton for our identity in an increasingly multicultural global village. Yet, as I found in a recent enlightening conversation with David Ibanda, host of the Those Who Came Before Us podcast, these threads require continuous updating to remain relevant and robust in our dynamic world.

Embracing difference through reshaping our wisdom

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In a recent Lived Quality Conversation, Dr. Faith Elizabeth Nanyonga shared an example of communication with her one-year-old daughter, who engages in meaningful interactions with her mother despite her inability to speak. This kind of communication shows the depth of language and how it extends beyond speech and text to encompass the broader context. There’s a non-verbal understanding that flows between beings, and when tapped into, the deeper intended meaning can be revealed. It’s as if through “holding a space” for her daughter, it allowed Faith to see and hear the meaning in her daughter’s communication, and that allowed her to see the wisdom of her daughter and learn the character of that person even before they had developed all the other abilities that would enable them to present themselves in a more clear way. Holding space for those we are communicating with allows us to perceive and appreciate the wisdom they convey in their unique modes of expression.

Navigating life’s work

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Work means many things to different people. I like to define it as my practice of cultivating excellence, and as I speak to more and more people about the subject, my understanding deepens. In a recent conversation with my friend Paula, we came to a place where work seemed to be how your passion is revealed to you. However, you must do a lot of work before you can earn that privilege.

Self-giving through holding space

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When you have identified your legacy-oriented work and have been working on it for some time, you get to a point where you start to feel saturated. This situation can quickly evolve into complacency, where you believe you have learned everything there is to learn and no more. However, there are ways to break out of this, and one of them starts with giving those gifts you have cultivated. In so doing, you test the quality of these gifts that you hold, and you will discover those that are just “empty shells”. You will also start to create room as you empty out those gifts. The Bible talks a bit bout this in Luke 6:38. It seems that before you can receive, you have to give.